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Facing An Eviction? How A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

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The anticipation of eviction can be difficult and overwhelming. You could end up putting yourself in an unnecessary financial and legal bind in attempts to keep your home. But before you take any drastic action, consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about the situation. You'll be surprised to learn that you actually have practical solutions to your problem. Here are five ways a bankruptcy lawyer can help you in this situation. 

Negotiating on Your Behalf

A bankruptcy lawyer can negotiate with creditors on your behalf and devise a solution that works for both parties. This could include coming up with an alternative payment plan that works around your current financial situation. Thus, you can keep your home and implement a feasible plan to get out of debt. 

Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

Filing for bankruptcy protection is an excellent way to stop an eviction from happening. A bankruptcy lawyer will be able to assess your situation and determine if filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you based on your financial situation. This way, you won't have to continue dealing with debt collection efforts by creditors. Essentially, bankruptcy protection gives you an amnesty period to get your finances in order.

Challenging Illegal Evictions

Sometimes creditors take over properties without following the legal processes required in their state or city. If this is your current predicament, you should hire a lawyer to challenge the illegal eviction. Your legal representative will conduct in-depth research about local laws and regulations before approaching the creditors to ensure they fully protect your rights. They'll focus on getting the eviction order overturned or incentivizing the creditors to agree to mediation.  

Advising You on What Documents You Need

When facing eviction, certain documents must be filed within specific timelines. Otherwise, they won't be accepted by the court system as valid forms of defense against an impending eviction notice. An experienced lawyer will know exactly which documents need to be filed at which times to ensure your maximum protection against losing your home.

Representing You in Court

In some cases, it may become necessary for you to show up in court against the creditor who is attempting to evict you from their property. Having a knowledgeable lawyer present during these proceedings can make all the difference when making arguments or presenting evidence to the jury. They will also help ensure that you understand the legal procedures and keep you up-to-date throughout the proceedings. 

No one should ever have to go through an unnecessarily stressful situation like facing an eviction alone. Professional representation from a knowledgeable lawyer can make all the difference, so don't think twice about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Reach out to a lawyer if you have any questions about bankruptcy law